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Furniture Rental

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Furniture rental is one of the most crucial aspects of home staging. We are the leading provider of furniture rental services for home stagers in West Palm Beach Florida. We offer affordable furniture leasing solutions that make it easy to set up luxury home staging without any hassles. With our furniture rental services, home staging is faster and cheaper and you get to save money. We supply luxury furniture that feels and looks like they belong in your client’s property so you can make sales faster and earn more.

Everything you need for a stylish home staging

Every home staging project is unique. So your furniture need for each one will be different. Your furniture needs for home staging is not to match your personal taste or style but to project a feeling of homeliness to prospective buyers. For this, you need a wide range of accent furniture, artwork, throw pillows, and many other fixtures to furnish multiple rooms. You also need expert knowledge to anticipate what prospective buyers will love. No matter the type of staging project you have gong on, we are your plug for it. We provide flexible and affordable leasing for as long as you will be needing the furniture.

Rent furniture by item

Sometimes all you need is a sofa and in some cases, you may need complete furnishing for an entire home from scratch. No matter your home staging needs, we are the furniture leasing solution you can trust to get you your exact needs. Our ultimate goal is to help you create an experience that does not feel temporary when your clients come to inspect the property. We understand that the furniture and every other styling decision you make can make all the difference between whether you make a sale or not. This is why we try our best to deliver the most luxurious and stylish items based on your needs.

Rent by room

We have a collection of furniture items and accessories for every room. Prospective homeowners need to get a feel of the living room, bedroom, dining area, and other parts of the home to decide to buy or not. Having furniture that helps them visualize this will be quite helpful. You can plan your furniture lease based on the rooms you want to stage. We have accent furniture pieces for every part of the home including bedding, sofas, dining room sets, end tables, and so on all at great rental service.

Quality and style

Using the right tools always makes the job easier. This applies to furniture renting for home staging too. Picking top quality furniture that matches the style and interior decor of the home you are staging will help you get incredible results. Consider our furniture rental service as the most vital part of the overall staging process. We deliver stylish pieces that help to ensure that your property spends less few days on the market and sells higher. Our lease terms are flexible and we offer pick-up and delivery based on your preferred schedule.

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