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Landscaping Services

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Nothing beats a beautifully designed landscape. It is the perfect way to showcase your style, and it gives you a sense of pride in your home or commercial property. That’s not to mention the fact that a great-looking landscape can increase the value of your property when it is time to sell. A stunning landscape will make your home stand out in every way. This is why you need to work with landscaping professionals to create and manage your outdoor space for the most outstanding landscaping results.

Landscape design

Your outdoor space is a vital part of your property and a reflection of your style. There’s plenty you can do with it and in the hands of professionals, you can customize your outdoor landscape to mirror any style you desire. Whether you are trying to mimic a classic English country garden, a modern landscape, or inventing your own customized space, with the right craftsmanship, you can customize the space in your yard to get stunning results. Setting up the perfect landscape begins with revitalizing your soil, planting the sod for your lawn followed by a couple of hardscape and softscape installations based on the style and design you are going for.

General lawn care and Maintenance

Creating the perfect landscape is one thing, but being able to maintain it is even more important. Your lawn requires continuous care to keep it in perfect condition. Hence one of the essential landscaping services we deliver is general lawncare and maintenance. This service includes removal of debris. In the simplest form, this involves the removal of dead leaves and plants from your lawn. A more in-depth form is the spring or fall cleanup which includes a wide range of activities that are carried out seasonally to keep the lawn in perfect condition and preserve its curb appeal. Special attention has to be paid to the lawn plants since they form a crucial part of the landscape. Lawncare can be in the form of organic, traditional (which involves the use of chemicals) or a mix of both. Regular pruning and seasonal trimming also form a part of landscape maintenance services.

Incorporating Hardscape Into Our Landscape Designs

Hardscape involves the use of stone structures in landscape design. Together with the softscape (trees and plants) hardscape gives your property a unique appearance. You can further customize the appearance of your outdoor space with a wide range of hardscape features like retaining walls, stonework, pavers, patios and decks, outdoor living spaces, fountains, ponds, outdoor and other aquatic fixtures among other things.

Customized irrigation systems

A lush looking lawn is the central piece of any landscape and irrigation is the pillar of that system. No matter the design or style of your landscape, it is vital that you keep things fresh and beautiful by having our landscaping experts install irrigation systems customized to your needs. These systems are designed to take unique considerations like the shape of the lawn, size, and type of landscaping into consideration to get the best results.

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