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It is common knowledge in the real estate industry that staged homes tend to sell faster than properties that are left vacant. They also sell at a higher value in the long run. Buyers or renters will find it difficult to visualize themselves living in a home that is left empty which is why staging has become one of the most crucial aspects of real estates. But not everyone can come to see a home they intend to buy in person. And they don’t have to. Thanks to Virtual tours, potential buyers or renters can a realistic tour of staged homes and get a sense of the size, room functions, and overall appearance of the property. This way, they can easily visualize the space as their own before even stepping into it.

The virtual staging process

Virtual home staging is the process of digitally visualizing a property. This process involves taking digital photos of empty rooms, then inserting window treatments, furniture, and other decoration fixtures into space digitally. This process allows you to showcase an enhanced version of the property to the taste of the prospective homeowner. This is a great tool that makes the process of home staging more seamless at a fraction of the cost.

Virtual staging vs Empty home:

There are no questions about how a virtually staged home compares to not staging at all. Selling a vacant home without staging is a tough job. Virtually staging a home allows prospective buyers or renters to take a 3D realistic tour of the property before they step a foot on it. This gives them access anytime and in any location. You are likely to get better offers with virtual staging as it makes you stand out from the competitor and sell faster. Virtual home staging should be a part of your premium marketing plan to sell your property and do so fast

Traditional home staging Vs Virtual staging

Virtual home staging is a method commonly employed by real estate agents and homeowners to showcase the property they are putting up for sale or rent. While the traditional method is still very much in use, virtually staged homes are becoming quite popular as well. A virtually staged property is several miles better than an empty one. It has some benefits over traditional staging as well. Regular home staging may be quite expensive. The cost of renting furniture and interior decor especially when the sales time is extended can add up to a high sum. The process is also a lot more stressful With a virtual staging process, you are not bound by any restrictions and the cost of staging is not a problem. You get to achieve the same result with less.

Professional virtual tours services

With a professional virtual tour service, you can try out different designs for your property before settling on one. If you have a home that is currently empty, interactive and realistic virtual tours service is a huge part of our services at Home Staging Services in West Palm Beach, FL. All you need to do is get in touch with our virtual tours experts, order for your service, and we will work with you to virtually stage your home to grab the attention of prospective buyers fast.

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